What do we do?

At geoConvergence, we blend art and science to design, build, and maintain custom data visualization solutions that make your ideas accessible and memorable. You have data, and you know what you want to get out of it; we combine creativity and engineering expertise to help you do it.

Our products appeal to the senses with imagination and elegance, and they appeal to the intellect with intuitive interfaces that enable you to derive the most value from your information. From analytics and geospatial information applications to large-scale cloud deployments, we take the conceptual and make it concrete. We bring the dimension to your data that helps you bring your ideas to fruition.


Federal Government

geoConvergence's experience allows us to understand government and military agencies' diverse needs. We have served defense, intelligence, and government research institutions on a variety of ongoing projects. Coupled with our knowledge of your complex procedures and protocols, we create technology solutions to help you achieve the impossible.


Local & State Government

In today’s Internet economy, the public demands easy access to information and services from virtually every government agency. We have delivered numerous technology solutions to help Local and State Government improve the availability of information and the quality of service to the public.

Let's discuss how we can turn your ideas into reality.



511210 - Software Publishers
518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
541370 - Surveying and Mapping Services
541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services

Business Certifications (In Progress)

MBE - City of Indianapolis
MBE - City of Los Angeles
MBE - State of California
MBE - State of Indiana
DBE - Indiana Department of Transportation
8(a) Business Development Program

A Note from Our Founding Members...

From the very beginning, we were in it for love – just two guys with a pure love for problem solving using technology and ingenuity to build and advance geographic information systems. We were mad for maps, gaga for data and infatuated with information. Our excitement continued to grow as customers’ needs evolved and they felt truly valued.

At our heart, we aim to make connections – we envision a world where data and design seamlessly surround us. Using our unique blend of strategists, researchers, project managers, designers, developers, and engineers, we translate data into visually inspiring products that reveal new dimensions to information. We help your data speak to you in the way that you already communicate.

We strive to be the difference between simply looking at data and really seeing it. Let us help you see your data differently and put your inspiration on the map.

Thank you for your consideration of our services!
Prem Radhakrishnan and Chris Walls